MATTERHORN – returns with new single

MATTERHORN – returns with new single

Trondheim rockers Matterhorn returns with new single The Brightest Light.


Matterhorn is the brainchild of songwriter and vocalist Tommy Sebastian Halseth, who in 2013 started to assemble various musical ideas which gradually turned into the project Matterhorn.
As time passed, the songs matured both musically and lyrically, as Tommy involved different musicians with broad backgrounds to fulfill the Matterhorn vision.

The band’s debut album titled Outside, via Apollon Records, in November 2020. And now they release a the new single «The Brightest Light» on Decmber 8th 2023. Matterhorn is now aiming for a more guitar-oriented soundscape.

The lyrics of the song are written around personal change. It refers to a spiritual and to an emotional change,  associated with experienced panic anxiety and depression.

The main message of the song is that there is always hope!

“Let your heart decide, not your fear”

-Bjørg Thorhallsdottir-


 A crow represents change or transformation. 

But much more than that, it refers more to a spiritual or emotional change. 

These intelligent birds give us valuable insight,  into situations around us 

                                and help us adapt as required

Tommy Sebastian Halseth: Voice
Tage Johnsen: Piano, Voice
Bendik Vidvei: Guitars
Terje Craig: Spoken Words
Jarl Ivar Andresen: Synth, Programing
Music and lyrics  by Tommy Sebastian Halseth
Produced by Tage Johnsen
Recorded at TJ Studio
Mixed by Jarl Ivar Andresen
Mastering by Morten Stendahl
Artwork by Eh Toori

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