BEYOND THE GATES – full lineup announced

BEYOND THE GATES – full lineup announced

Beyond the Gates 2024 announce full line-up

Norway’s leading extreme metal festival BEYOND THE GATES is now announcing the full line-up for what will be the metal event of the year.

Mayhem will bring their highly anticipated 40 years anniversary show to the opening day of the festival. Grieghallen veteran, Enslaved, will this time celebrate their iconic breakthrough album, ‘Frost’ – and yes, you guessed it – it’s of course recorded in Grieghallen. The Italian cult phenomenon, Death SS will play their first show in Norway ever. Yes, you read that right Steve Sylvester will bring his theatrical heavy metal show to Bergen and Beyond the Gates.

Whoredom Rife and Vemod will both launch new albums next year, and will be back at the festival. Add to that the US black metal favorites, Black Anvil, Polish Owls Woods Graves – featuring members of Mgla, German black heavy metal outfit, Attic and Norwegian newcomers, SYN.

Over the past few days Beyond the Gates has announced a spectacular all-star tribute to Quorthon and the music of Bathory, and the Satyricon residency in Grieghallen, where the band will perform two unique sets with no repeats.

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The revamped versions of the highly successful guided tours with Pytten, Tore and Finn Håkon are on sale now! Hear the stories about how black metal classics where recorded in the revered Grieghallen studios, visit famous locations in Norwegian Black Metal lore and get a chance to get the in-depth story behind the world famous Fantoft Stave Church.

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Recap of Beyond the Gates in 2023
Enslaved performing Eld at Beyond the Gates
Enslaved performing Eld at Beyond the Gates – Picture by Jarle H. Moe
Crowd at Dimmu Borgir during Beyond the Gates – Picture by Jarle H. Moe
Tattoo Convention at Beyond the Gates – Picture by Jarle H. Moe
About Beyond the Gates
Since the inception of the Beyond the Gates festival, fans have been coming to Bergen to see performances of their favorite Norwegian artists in their home environment. As most visitors know, nature and local culture has always been a poignant source of inspiration for the bands emerging from the Bergen scene. Yet again, Beyond the Gates will give all of the traveling fans the opportunity to get an unique insight into all aspects of the Norwegian Metal scene and the local culture in general. In that regard, we’re putting together a series of events before and during the festival so that all of you can discover what inspired – and still does – the Norwegian metal scene.

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