Yes, it has finally arrived! Seven years was a long time to wait for a new musical treat by inventive Norwegian rockers Seven Impale, but how exhilarating it is when it turns out that it was all worth it and that Summit stands tall and proud as a well-written and original-sounding piece of work. The record sees these talented gents venturing even further into psychedelic/progressive rock territories while keeping their own musical identity intact, and the 4-track opus is nothing less than an adventure from start to finish.

With its 70s-inspired analogue warmth and lively feel, Summit generally comes across as bright and uplifting, but these guys often let rip with some dark chords and punchy riffs that would not have sounded out of place on a post-rock album. Listen closely to opening track ‘Hunter’ and pay attention around the 7:52 mark when they kick things up a notch and turn hard and heavy should one need an example of how to effectively employ contrasts within a composition. The galloping sections of ‘Hydra’ are playful and contain outstanding melodic moments whereas ‘Ikaros’ is a psychedelic, fuzz-laden, and intense workout with a hefty outro that will make your head spin. The sprawling 13-minute album closer ‘Sisyphus’ brings everything to its dramatic finale and contains plenty of light and shade.         

The various parts are consistently driven forward by the groovy rhythm section while the guitars and vocals add interesting textures and enticing colors to the proceedings, and it is wonderful to behold how they expertly weave prog, jazz, and psychedelic rock together to such stunning effect. In many ways, Summit is both clever and thoughtful but also filled with magnificently mad and charmingly bonkers ideas that constitute a most pleasing and enjoyable listening experience. Welcome back, guys.

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