ORSAK:OSLO – new single out

ORSAK:OSLO – new single out

Photo: David Holmqvist

ORSAK:OSLO New Single ‘069 In What Way Are You Different’ From Swedish/Norwegian POST-KRAUTROCK Band Streaming; Sophomore Full-Length ‘In Irons’ To Drop Aril 27th Through VINTER RECORDS

Find various streaming options for the new single here https://ingrv.es/069-in-what-way-are-you-75u-h

“Many bands under this umbrella try and be forcibly unique and end up all being cut from the same cloth at the end of the day and it is painfully obvious. Hence, a great post-rock band will clearly stand out as being something truly unique and Orsak:Oslo fit the bill.” Everything Is Noise

“(…) if you’ve heard the band before, the grace that lured you in in the first place is well accounted for here, as Orsak:Oslo continue to explore the peaceful moments within moments through audio.The Obelisk

comments the band: “We see this as a hypnotic and somewhat introspective song. What started out as just another melancholic moment in our recording space, ended up as a piece seeking to probe the depths of the Human Condition.

From tiny rays of optimism, to an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and despair, we wanted to capture at least traces of the darker side of the human experience.
The music begins with a somewhat serene anticipation, but as we gradually build towards the end, we aim at removing any lingering remnants of hope.

“069 In What Way Are You Different” is not about romanticizing mental illness or capitalizing on the tormented artist trope: We know firsthand the importance of addressing these issues with caution and respect. Rather, it’s a requiem for those who have fallen prey to their inner demons, without the stereotypical narrative of coming out stronger on the other side.

If you’re looking for a piece of art that speaks to your struggles and maybe even inspires you to just give up altogether: -We got you covered.”

Orsak:Oslo is one of those hidden gems, always grinding, always perfecting the imperfections. The four-piece collaboration, made up of both Swedish and Norwegian musicians from Gothenburg and Oslo, have been hanging around the underground for years, steadily pawing its way with a mellow, laidback, but yet intense sound.  «068 The Swell»  starts off with an Orsak:Oslo benchmark-groove. And they don´t let go. They never do. Orsak:Oslo takes you on a journey right off the bat, and the trip feels delicious.
In case you missed it: Watch/Share ‘068 The Swell’ Video via THE OBELISK (US), ECLIPSED (DE) and ROCK 4 SPAIN (ES).
Live Dates:
26.05 – Folken, Stavanger (support for King Buffalo)
27.05 – Hulen, Bergen (support for King Buffalo)
01.06 – Blå, Oslo
02.06 – Apollon, Tønsberg
03.06 – Siste Reis, Halden
16.06 – Pustervik, Göteborg

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