PÂENIL ERA – new album out

PÂENIL ERA – new album out

Timisoara – Romania based black metal act Pâenil Era is releasing a new album entitled ‘Deviere’, which is a Romanian word for ‘Diversion’, and contains 4 songs:

1 The Tower (9:43)

2 The Hearth (8:29)

3 The Wall (9:09)

4 The Tides (11:39)

Album debuts on the Black Metal Promotion Youtube chanel


Album also available on BandCamp https://paenil-era.bandcamp.com/album/deviere

The project is musically a successor of Signatura Rerum, but conceptually represents something new, hence the new name: ‘Pâenil Era’. The name is an anagram of the Romanian words ‘Pâlnie Rea’, which translates to ‘Bad Funnel’. Symbolizing a broken or partly functional filter that takes in a flow of subconscious dark thoughts, it represents an attempt to connect with the subconscious and give a voice to the dark side of the psyche. 

The band was formed in 2012 in Timişoara, Romania under the name Signatura Rerum and released two albums in the past (`In Sfarsit …` in 2013 and` The Legend 1` in 2017). There have been live performances as opening acts for bands like Arkona, Sado Sathanas, Syn Ze Sase Tri and Grave Desecrator.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paenil.era

Bandcamp: https://paenil-era.bandcamp.com/album/deviere


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