Norwegian death/grind quintet Forcefed Horsehead will release their first full-length album “Monoceros” on March 24th via Owlripper Recordings.

Recorded in Vakuum Studios, mixed and mastered by Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen, “Monoceros” is a 12-track sonic uppercut that goes right for the jugulars. Thematically it explores the notion of human decay as an entity and how much self-destructiveness and collective annihilation comes from apathy, greed and self-proclaimed prophecies. 

Album’s leading single “Every Death You Take” is now out. Invisible Oranges states “On their upcoming album Monoceros, death metal’s riffs and sonic textures prove to be fertile ground for intense deviations into hardcore, grind, and more. Despondent melodies slither throughout the record, but they’re jammed into brutal and whiplash-inducing song structures as if to ratchet up the pressure.” 

Listen to “Every Death You Take” here.

Under the description, “Norwegian grindpunk” Forcefed Horsehead find themselves on the crossroad between death metal, punk, hardcore, black metal, post rock, prog, madness and general hysteria. With no compromises or no rules, the band have always wanted to push the boundaries for an intense and chaotic soundscape without losing their love for groove and melodies.  
The quintet released their first EP “Forcefed Horsehead” in 2011 on the medium of the future, cassette tape and was followed shortly after by two EPs “Deux” and “Hunting Witches”. Forcefed Horsehead has previously shared the stage with such great acts as Cannibal Corpse, Sulphur, Rotten Sound, God Mother, Gatecreeper and the grind crusters in Cloud Rat. 
During the Corona pandemic, Forcefed Horsehead recorded their brand new and highly anticipated LP «Monoceros» at Vakuum Studio in Oslo, Norway with Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen behind the levers. 


Forcefed Horsehead line-up:
Audun Mehl – Vocal
Patrick Wivegh- Guitar
Rikard Jonsson – Guitar
Arve Barsnes – Bass
Kikken Vegsund – Drums

Forcefed Horsehead Online

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