SÂVER – New video from Norwegian riff-heavy space outfit

SÂVER – New video from Norwegian riff-heavy space outfit

SÂVER – New video from Norwegian riff-heavy space outfit out now! + Tour Dates w/ Ufomammut

“A projection of beautiful sonic landscapes infused with supreme heaviness and gnarly sludge riffs SÂVER are spiritually entwined in an experimental whirlwind of musical sophistication in its heaviest and most unearthly form.”

The band comments:

“This project was quite experimental in terms og approach and process. For the first time in SÂVERs history, we kind of let go of the steering wheel and let visual artist and filmmaker Simen Skari and Fredrik Harper interpret «Dimensions Lost, Obscured by Aeons». As this piece of music is very cinematic, the idea was to explore how that undefined narrative would look like in the mind of the listener, in this case Skari and Harper. The result is an eerie and quite abstract interpretation that doesn’t force a story onto the viewer, but rather provides the visual tools nescesarry for the viewer to shape a narrative of their own. This way, depending on the viewer, the film can be both beautiful or ominous, claustrophobic or wide open – a span that is very much the essence of SÂVER’s approach to music.”


20.05.22 Vega, Copenhagen, A Colossal Weekend Fest – DK
21.05.22 Schaubude, Kiel – DE
22.05.22 Break Out, Asendorf – DE
24.05.22 Arena, Vienna – AT*
25.05.22 Jubez, Karlsruhe, Dudefest – DE*
26.05.22 Saint-Imier, Toxoplasmose festival – CH
27.05.22 KulturA, Liege – BE
28.05.22 Groningen, Vera – NL*
29.05.22 Berlin, Desertfest – DE
30.05.22 Dresden, Chemiefabrik – DE*
31.05.22 Salzburg, Rockhouse – AT*
01.06.22 Bremen, MS-Loretta – DE
03.06.22 Oslo, Blå – NO         

*direct support for UFOMAMMUT (IT)


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