I FORGET MYSELF – new album out

I FORGET MYSELF – new album out

I Forget Myself is a professional recording artist with over two decades of experience: from playing in touring bands for over a decade and being signed to a major label in his native South Africa through to writing, recording, producing and mixing his own music. He has just released his third full-length album “In Vain”, collaborating with a longtime session drummer friend and a mastering engineer, respectively, to produce an 11 song Alternative Rock album of note in 2022, which is now available on all major digital distribution platforms.



I Forget Myself is also an active online content creator, updating his various social media channels daily. As a YouTuber, he has created a channel with over 850 hours of content, over 120 videos and receiving over 20 000 views in under two years. In addition to releasing music on his YouTube Channel he professionally reviews games and occasionally livestreams to platforms such as Twitch and Steam. Most characteristic of his left-handedness, I Forget Myself furthermore is an artist who uses painting as a medium, creating and displaying original artwork and painted tabletop miniatures as well as sharing his photography throughout his travels of the world. I Forget Myself is additionally an aspiring fiction writer who is working on his first fiction novel, currently based in the Asian world city of Hong Kong. Actions most certainly speak louder than words… and there will certainly be no forgetting this memorable musician, artist and creator any time soon.


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