VREID paints it black with The Rolling Stones cover

VREID paints it black with The Rolling Stones cover

Sognametal band VREID paints it black with a  The Rolling Stones cover

In 2020, VREID were invited by the Norwegian Nobel Peace Center and the Inferno Festival to perform a cover song of their choosing as a part of the “Songs that change the world” series. Unfortunately, this illustrious event was swiped off the earth by the plague that has pestered the world the last years.

Nevertheless, being true rock soldiers, VREID decided to continue this creative path and recorded the song, which has never been released.

The song Vreid decided to interpret is the rock anthem “Paint it Black” by the The Rolling Stones as the band regards this track among one of the most important pioneer songs for rock n´ roll, and a blueprint from where this tree of heavy music culture has grown into a many headed beast for 7 decades now.

Listen to the song here: https://orcd.co/vreidpaintitblack

The song is produced by Håvard Nesbø who produced the Wild North West Movie and all illustration by Kim Diaz Holm who did the artwork for the Solverv and Welcome Farewell albums. This song and video are a celebration of the fantastic creativity that started in the 1960s and have been developed by so many great artists and bands ever since. VREID has incorporated their humble respect to many of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest musicians, and remember It’s Only Rock n´Roll!

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