In a good tradition for quite some years now, Indie Recordings label are organizing their own night at Inferno festival 2022, on April 13th. The label states:

Indie Recordings are proud to announce our Inferno label night!

The long dark wait is over, and as the world has opened for earth-shattering infernal darkness yet again Indie Recordings are proud to dish up with three of our finest and most devastating profanities for on hell of night over at Salt.

The night starts up with Gloson, who just released their acclaimed sophomore album The Rift. This is relentless, primitive, yet mesmerizingly sludge from the depths of the Swedish forests. Through a unique combination of post black and sludge, Gloson drags you into a comforting and chaotic world of blinding indifference.

Second, from the darkest corners of the black metal abyss Nattefrost returns to the stage.

Nattefrost is one of the most recognisable and longest serving figures on the Black Metal scene. He has been performing as Nattefrost since the early 1990s and releasing solo music under the moniker since 2004 but is one of the founding members of Carpathian Forest He has never shied away from controversy – but at the same time he has never sacrificed quality for mere sensationalism.

Last, is none other than the brutal and infernal force Nordjevel! Through distinctive vocals set to a brutal and instrumental sonic desert, Nordjevel leads the listeners into an empire of infernal rage filled with an obscure, barbaric darkness. Nordjevel’s next album is due fall 2022.

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