PICTURE ANN – new single

PICTURE ANN – new single

PICTURE ANN "A Barren Doctrine" digital single out now!

The Danish ambient/metal/experimental rock act PICTURE ANN has just unleashed the moody and strangely meditative 9-minute piece entitled ‘A Barren Doctrine’ upon the unsuspecting masses via Bandcamp, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, and all the other digital retailers out there. Inspired by the long and miserable shadows that course through the history of mankind as well as the triumphs and defeats that have shaped us throughout our existence, this latest offering is one of the more introspective and unsettling tunes to be found in the outfit’s awful discography.

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 Music by J.N.
 Lyrics by Dan Ponce
 Cover photo by C.N.
 Artwork/Layout by G. Owen Wears
 Mastered by Azimuth Mastering

‘A Barren Doctrine’ was released on August 28, 2020 by Floodgate Moods Productions.