MYRHOLT – premiere of new album

MYRHOLT – premiere of new album

Eternal Terror Live presents you the premiere of "Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter" by the Norwegian Black Metal act MYRHOLT

Album to be released on December 20th, seven hymns of uncompromising Norwegian Black Metal with deep roots in the early ’90s! Here is exclusive album premiere in full!

"Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter" @ 2019

1. Kapittel I
2. Kapittel II
3. Kapittel III
4. Kapittel IV
5. Kapittel V
6. Kapittel VI
7. Kapittel VII 


MYRHOLT (Nor) Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter.jpg


MYRHOLT is Norwegian Black Metal.
Nothing more, nothing less.
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