BURIAL REMAINS – Trinity Of Deception

BURIAL REMAINS – Trinity Of Deception

The debut album from the Dutch old school death metal ensemble shocks with a power equal or exceeding the likes of Entombed, Dismember and Grave, with no originality whatsoever, pedestrian songwriting with a drop of occassional melody or hook, all worsened by the horrible mix.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of Swedish old school death metal because precious few albums in this genre are worth spinning twice. The riffs are basic and simple, the melodies, if even present, brief and insufficiently emphasized with failure to repeat the hooks while overwhelming with needless brutality bolstered by usually grimey muddy and barely listenable production. There’s a reason why I liked Hypocrisy only from their third seminal excellent "The Fourth Dimension" album – they learned to write actual songs. "Trinity Of Deception" is an album which, except for a few well placed melodies, proves my dislike of the genre. All the aforementioned ingredients for a horrible experience are there.

The, thanfully short, 25 minute 11 second album, starts well. "Crucifixion Of The Vanquished" is well-written and has great ancient Paradise Lost melody, plus, it is varied enough to keep my interest. The boring fast "They Crawl" does nothing for me but the title track has a very good melodic atmospheric chorus, which, unfortunately, Burial Remains fails to repeat. The longest track, "Days Of Dread", does have some potential and even interesting ending but the production murders it and not in the way you think.

Four out of 7 tracks (including "They Crawl") are some the most forgettable songs and riffs I have ever heard. The mix actually dillutes the boundaries between changing chords so you really have to strain your ears to fish them out which is no small task given how fast and brutally these guys play. Just pure, senseless mayhem for who knows what reason.

Were it not for the highlights I mentioned, the fact that this is a debut and the clearly present occasional songwriting chops this would have been a 2/6 review. But the begginings are always hard so I spare you, Burial Remains. Perhaps you should look long and hard at your goals: is it worth it to be faster and more brutal than your inspirations even at a cost of quality?