CRYPTOPSY – live at Blå, Oslo –

CRYPTOPSY – live at Blå, Oslo –




Cryptopsy, Demonical, Ingested and Gloryhole Guillotine Concert Review


Having seen Cryptopsy several times before, only once in Norway though, in Bergen so I knew what to expect. Previous experiences at big festivals aren’t definitely the same as to have the opportunity to see them at a smaller scene and a smaller audience. I think both big and small scenes have advantages and disadvantages and it’s good to see bands in both for different reasons. The huge advantage of a smaller venue like Blå is definitely that you get to actually talk to the band and this time around to buy merch straight from them. So I was looking forward to see Flo Mounier and his insanely good drumming from up close without the hassles of being at the front row with a big moshpit behind you example. The set this time contained super tech and complex songs from their latest EP The Book of Suffering – Tome II like Sire of Sin and Fear His Displeasure and some of the best from older albums like Cold Hate Warm Blood, Two-Pound Torch which are one of my favorites. Also Orgiastic Disembowelment and Phobophile which songs from None So Vile and album that I have seen being played in its entirety on a previous occasion. But to me there’s never enough Cryptopsy…


When it comes to the supporting band I had seen just two of them previously. The previous time I saw Ingested was with a pretty enthusiastic crowd in Switzerland. The vocalist is a pretty good frontman I think and I believe he tried his best to set up the mood on a Monday in Oslo with a sort of enthusiastic small crowd. Ingested have a brutal deathcore sound. They performed their new song called Mouth of the Abyss at the gig. They are releasing a new EP called Call of the Void via Unique Leader Records on June the 14th.


Demonical are pretty straightforward Swedish Death Metal. The set started with Towards Greater Gods which has some Amon Amarth vibes, pretty catchy, folk and yeah the kinda metal that gives you those sailing viking vibes. World Serpent which is a pretty catchy, old school oriented song that is pretty enjoyable. The thing is that if you happen to like Swedish DM then you won’t ever get disappointed with Demonical. It pretty much sums up the rhythmical tunes and precisely the catchy riffs that one can’t help but appreciate. In addition, it has a variety of influences. All in all it’s highly entertaining!


The surprise of the night was definitely Gloryhole Guillotine which has a bit of several genres and styles that I really like. GG have grindcore as a foundation, but it has been enriched by death, both brutal and technical at times. They add gore into the mix and well a bit slam thrown in for good measure. The band have released two EP’s called Truncation and Amalgamate. I really hope for a full length soon though, because I really enjoyed it. I think it was awesome they played a Brujeria cover called El Desmadre which is basically about no limits partying, which can make any other crowd go crazy, and it’s not a common occurrence in these dark frostbitten lands.