Eternal Terror Live presents the first taste of new Vulture Industries material. DEEPER is a track due for release on digital platforms on April 23rd, and as a limited 7" green vinyl single but you can listen to it below.

The song is a new experimental journey in the hard-to-define musical universe of Vulture Industries and enchanted us with a catchy bombastic groove and a beautiful dark vocal line by vocalist Bjørnar E. Nilsen. After listening to it – for many times by now – we’re more than excited for the rest of new material that’s hopefully close to being finalized and will have a release date not so far in the future.

The video for DEEPER has been made by  Costin Chioreanu from Twilight13Media

"Deeper" tells the story of man’s insatiable greed for more, as symbolised by the miners digging all the way to Hell.  Starting out with a haunting trumpet solo, the track mixes a Spaghetti Western vibe with the rhythmic and melodic drive of a large-scale rock opus. Musically "Deeper» nods in the direction of such diverse acts as Ennio Morricone, Type O Negative, The Beatles and Lee Hazlewood, but at the same time there is also a solid dose of rock and metal, in the signature form of Vulture Industries. 


You can find the 7" at where you even pick up signed copies together with great new merch designs by Costin Chioreanu. At the moment there is a clearing out of the remaining stock on some Stranger Times merch designs, so have a look at the "T-shirt clearance" category. With the discount code DEEPER you get 50% off on shirts from said category together with any other order.

The Norwegian coastal city of Bergen is famous for its vibrant Rock and Metal scene. Surrounded by fjords and mountains, this beautiful but rain ridden place would be associated with Black Metal by most people, yet VULTURE INDUSTRIES are of a very different breed. The bands 3’rd album, "The Tower", from 2013 explores dark musical vistas with a unique mixture of progressive, experimental, industrial, doom, extreme and even symphonic elements.This amalgamate of styles may conveniently be dubbed Avant-Garde Metal, which can be further explained by drawing possible comparisons with FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, ARCTURUS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, VED BUENS ENDE and THE CULT.

Starting out in 1998, they changed members and consequently the band’s name to VULTURE INDUSTRIES in 2003. Now the band consists of current and former members of SULPHUR and BLACK HOLE GENERATOR. After two demos "The Sleeper" (2003) and "The Enemy Within" (2004), which captured attention in progressive circles, the EP "The Benevolent Pawn" (2005) was the first official release. It was followed by two full-length albums, namely "The Dystopia Journals" (2007) and "The Malefactor’s Bloody Register" (2010). Both releases gained high critical acclaim and praise from the fans alike. Now the band from Bergen takes another step in their steadily climbing career.

The band’s fourth album, "Stranger Times", was released in 2017, showcasing a new level in the band’s skills of putting together intricate songs and melodies, topped by brilliant vocals and once again bringing up very deep subjects through their quirky lyrics.




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