LONG NIGHT – new album out in December

LONG NIGHT – new album out in December

Following up on their debut release "Sorrow Returns" in 2016, Long Night – a band with members who have performed in bands such as Tristania, Elusive, Theater of Tragedy – takes great pleasure in announcing their 1st full length Album.

Barren Land A nine track collection of dark driven rock, presented in a cinematic soundscape that ranges from melancholy to full on Thunder. Drawing on a wealth of musical experience spanning three decades and a broad palette of inuences, Long Night have carved out a space of their own, lurking at the darkside of Rock’n’Roll. Droning
Guitars, haunting Melodies and deep thrilling Vocals which soar into the ether have all become synonymous
with the band from the Northern outpost.

Barren Land was recorded at the band’s very own Black Rider Recording Studios and has been mixed and mastered by German SoundWizard Eroc at Eroc’s MasteringRanch.

To be released on Swiss Dark Nights Decemeber 2018, Barren Land will be available on CD and download from Bandcamp. It’s time to get on the train, the Long Night is coming.

Currently 3 songs are available to audition on swiss Dark Night’s bankdcamp page by following this link:

One can also watch the video for the "Sorrow Returns" below


Arni Sørlie
Tommy Olsson