ÅRABROT – video premiere

ÅRABROT – video premiere


-Video premiere-


 From the album

"Who Do You Love"

Out September 7th via Pelagic Records




Statement (norwegian)
«Teksten ble skrevet i Frankrike. Jeg leste en biografi om Max Ernst og fra nabogården med sitrontrærne hørtes rare lyder. Lydene blandet med Max Ernst gjorde at jeg så for meg psykedeliske skapninger på stylter som vaklet rundt trærne der. En surrealistisk opplevelse.
Da vi kom hjem tok vi bort all perkusjon og gitarer fra låten og lot Karin synge over det sarte orgelet og lap steel-gitaren. Resultatet ble overraskende, vakkert. Litt som synet i hagen i Frankrike.»


The Biography
Norwegian rock pioneers Årabrot has finished recording their most brilliant piece of True Norwegian Art Rock to date; "Who Do You Love" – and are now ready to take on the world with a spectacular sonic assault on the senses.

From the startup in Haugesund Norway, where it all started, they have been engaging people with unique artwork and press shots, a musical expression like no one else led by Kjetil Nernes’ one-of-a-kind vocal delivery. They have grown from there and have become a cult band with hard-core fans all over the world.

They have never done anything the "usual way", but still won the Grammy for best metal album in 2012 – not bad for a rock band in Norway; a country with one of the most interesting metal scenes in the world.

They have toured rock clubs in Scandinavia, Europe and the U.S. They have composed music for silent movies like "Die Niebelungen" and "Doctor Caligari". They have teamed up with The Quietus-founder John Doran on his spoken word tour. They have blown whole art galleries away with their brutal, yet sophisticated sound. The previous full-length album "The Gospel", was named "Album of the Year" in The Quietus.

It is growing bigger and better. After having recovered from throat cancer, singer Kjetil Nernes performs better than ever. The new album "Who Do You Love" was recorded in part with Greg Norman in Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio, and partly in the old church in the woods of Dalarna, Sweden where his studio runs.

Årabrot signed a management deal with AISA Music (Wardruna, Enslaved, Myrkur etc) in May 2017, and together they will work hard, determined and strategically thorough to place the band and their new album "Who Do You Love" where they deserve to be; at the very forefront of the international Art-/ Alternative Rock scene.


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