DIRTY MOONSHINE – album out July 27th

DIRTY MOONSHINE – album out July 27th


Johannesburg’s whiskey-swilling, cigarette-toting, blues-swinging, rock ‘n rollers Dirty Moonshine, a Dirty Rock n Roll four piece band, is releasing their debut album, Bottom of the Barrel, on 27th of July.

Dripping with sweat, and smelling of booze, Dirty Moonshine is everything your mother told you to avoid. Rumbling and thundering from the Gauteng highveld, Dirty Moonshine sets the South African music scene ablaze with their whiskey-swilling, cigarette-toting, blues-swinging, rock ‘n roll. Reminiscent of hot days, boozy nights, and dusty shoes, Dirty Moonshine has taken their own unique brand of rock’ n roll across the country, with a view to turn every single venue upside down. Four members with experience old enough that it could legally order its own scotch, the band has forged its own inimitable sound within an otherwise decaying market. So, if you like some grit in your music, and dust in your soul, follow the thud of the bass to find Dirty Moonshine on a stage near you. #KeepItDirty

Previously the band has released a video for the single Toxic Waltz, which you can watch below


Track Listing:
1. Saints & Sinners
2. Shake the Roof
3. Sedusa
4. Fake It till You Feel It
5. Only Until I Die
6. Sailing Down Death Valley
7. Shot You with Your Own Gun
8. Toxic Waltz
9. Bundy Love
10. Strangest of Colours

Line Up:
Vocals / Guitar – Roy Epstein
Guitar – Allan Lancaster
Bass – Dave Freedman
Drums – Wez Creeper

Dirty Moonshine is everything your mother told you to avoid.