SPACE CHASER – track premiere

SPACE CHASER – track premiere



-Track premiere-


 From the forthcoming LP


The Release Date

May 25th, 2018

(This Charming Man Records)

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Space Chaser are a Thrash Band from Berlin, heavily influenced by classic american Metal in the vein of old Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax or Overkill, fronted by their screaming Madman Siggi, who ranges from high-pitched Dickinson-like melodies to hyper aggressive shouted vocals! These guys are always ready to raid your town and start a fucking Thrash Party!
About the Split LP: this is the next genius strike of berlin’s masters of thrash SPACE CHASER and DISTILLATOR, netherlands rising star of 80s metal. on this new split both bands show their pure strength, razor sharp songwriting, super precise riffing, furious drumming – these war mongers can easily compete with metals great 80s heroes. Each band delivers four fresh own signature songs and one great classic cover. absolutely delightful entertainment!
Style: Thrash Metal

Leo Schacht (Rythm Guitar + Backing Vocals)
Martin Hochsattel (Lead Guitar)
Sebastian Kerlikowski (Bass + Backing Vocals)
Siegfried Rudzynski (Lead Vocals)
Matthias Scheuerer (Drums)