Full album stream: SLAUGHTERER – The Conjuror of Realities

Full album stream: SLAUGHTERER – The Conjuror of Realities


Proudly presents the full album stream of




"The Conjuror of Realities"



The Release date

March 31, 2017

(Via Nocturna)






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The Order



<a href="http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/the-conjuror-of-realities" mce_href="http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/the-conjuror-of-realities">The Conjuror of Realities by SLAUGHTERER</a>


The Biography

Slaughterer is a german death metal band from Regensburg, Germany, formed in 2013 by guitarists Thomas Deutscher, René Khoder and drummer Timon Sander.

Slaughterer was founded in 2013, when Thomas Deutscher, René Khoder and Timon Sandner met after the break-up of former band projects. After obtaining rudimentary equipment, the band recorded their first demo “Empire of the Doomed” in early 2013 which was released as a digital download, but was quickly withdrawn by Thomas due to a general discontent with the outcome. He soon recruited bassist Dennis Meier and vocalist Stefan Meyer, who had played with Thomas before and were well-known to each other. Half a year later after writing enough songs and having the first gigs the band decided to record their debut album “Possessing Violence”. The band entered the studio in November 2013. The album was rushed and suffered issues from a general lack of experience but was eventually released on April 17th 2014 as a hand-numbered CD, limited to 100 copies. The band had a couple of gigs after the release but quickly decided to move along, writing new material. In June 29th, Slaughterer released a five song demo EP titled “Imminent Death”. The raw demo EP featured a darker, more death-oriented style than its predecessor, and laid the groundwork for the future direction of the band. While writing more songs conflicts arose, resulting in the temporary drop out of Timon, forcing the bassist to step in, ending in a dangerously close break-up phase in late 2015. Thomas continued nonetheless and announced the second full-length album titled “The Conjuror of Realities” for 2016 by releasing a teaser track on their YouTube page. Thomas decided to bring back Timon to get the band to full strength again, resulting in the withdrawal of Dennis due to a disagreement and indifference towards the band. In the end of April, Slaughterer started to record the second album by themselves, supported by Exx Tom on the bass who also managed the band’s debut album.

Slaughterer’s music is influenced by old school early death/late thrash metal bands like Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer, Morbid Saint and Morbid Angel. Most of the band’s music is written by Thomas and Timon, with additional help from René and Stefan. The band’s lyrics are inspired by science fiction horror/fantasy and cover themes from the tabletop game Warhammer 40’000, horror movies and video games.



The track list

1. Blasphemer 03:12
2. Corpse Devourer 03:29
3. Iron Emperor 03:12
4. Compulsive Disorder 03:24
5. The Conjuror of Realities 03:11
6. Cosmic Death 03:48
7. Morbid Realm of Pestilence 03:21
8. Through the Maelstrom 02:51
9. Purge the Heretic 03:40
10. Preacher of Hate 02:58


The Line Up

Timon –  Drums
Rene –  Guitars
Tom –  Guitars
Steve –  Vocals


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Via Nocturna official website: www.vianocturna.com

Via Nocturna Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/vianocturnacom