Full album stream: PHENOMY – Once and For All

Full album stream: PHENOMY – Once and For All


Proudly presents the full album stream of




"Once and For All"



The Release date

March 31, 2017

(Via Nocturna)





The Formats

CD ltd 500


The Pre-order



<a href="http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/once-and-for-all" mce_href="http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/once-and-for-all">Once and for All by PHENOMY</a>


The Biography

Straight from Lebanon, Middle East comes the thrash metal sensation PHENOMY with their latest opus “Once and For All”. If you are all into exploring exotic things but still want to play in the safe, Bay Area Thrash Metal Zone, than this album is just for you. An amazing piece of art straight from the world that doesn’t tolerate metal. Check it out right now!



The track list

1. Intro
2. A Call for Bloodshed
3. Electrified
4. Unleash the Beast
5. Once and for All
6. Triumph
7. The Haunting
8. Under These Ruins
9. Sealing Fate


The Line Up

Kevin Ghanem – Bass
Rudy Bejjani – Drums
Loïc El Haddad – Guitars
Dany Arfan – Guitars
Sam Felfly – Vocals


The Links


Via Nocturna official website: www.vianocturna.com

Via Nocturna Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/vianocturnacom