Full album stream: MEAN MESSIAH – Hell

Full album stream: MEAN MESSIAH – Hell


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Release date: January 27, 2017

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Mean Messiah, originally just a one man project, was formed by the talented multi-instrumentalist, musician and producer Dan Friml, formerly of Sebastian, Apostasy and many other bands and projects.
In winter of 2005 he started to work on an album which was supposed to be released at the end of 2006. Unfortunately, from the very beginning there had been many problems and complications therefore the recording process took seven years and four months as a whole. Dan himself had recorded all instruments step by step in his own studio. He´d also mixed and mastered the material which took another two months. Exactly twenty versions of mixes came to existence during this time. The recording was finally completed in June 2013. At the same time it came out as a CD and a digital download, which is still possible to download for free on the band´s website.
79 songs came out of the whole recording process, some of them just fragments of ideas, some of them unfinished demos and of course complete songs out of which became the basics of the album. The finished product consists of just eight songs which correspond with the concept of the record and, last but not least, satisfied the maddening perfectionism of their author.
A mixture of trash and death metal with a touch of prog and industrial, that´s what Mean Messiah present on the debut „Hell". It is a conceptual piece of music with the lyrics reflecting that „people´s journey and destiny is complicated and either way leads to hell".

At a time when releasing the debut, Dan started looking for suitable band mates because he really wanted to present Mean Messiah live. After several months of searching and rehearsing the line-up was firmed as follows: Dan Friml (guitar, vocals), Honza Šebek (drums), and Veronika Smetanová (bass).
The band has started to play gigs in April 2014 with very positive feedback from the public because of the group´s spontaneity, forcibility and instrumental maturity of all members.
On the 1st of September the video-clip „The Game" (for the song of the same title, taken from the album) had its premiere and within only 24 hours it had more than 1.000 views. On the 20th of October Mean Messiah became a „hot spot of the week" on Bandzone.cz server.

The band played the biggest festivals in Czech republic: Masters Of Rock, Czech Death Fest, Agressive Fest, Basinfirefest, Gothoom, just to name a few.
Mean Messiah currently work on the second album which is planned to be released in 2017. To fill in a gap between the albums, they released Let Us Pray EP in August 2016 and the title track accompanied by the video was a huge success, spending whole 4 weeks on the fist spot of chart on TV REBEL, the biggest Czech rock TV.




1. Temple of Hell
2. King Pathetic
3. Spiritual Resolution
4. The Death Song
5. The Last Ride
6. The Game
7. Saltatio Mortis
8. The End
9. Remedy *


Dan "D.C.D." Friml – All instruments, Vocals
Honza Šebek – Drums
Veronika Smetanová – Bass



Official website: http://www.meanmessiah.com

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