FAIR WARNING – Pimp Your Past

FAIR WARNING – Pimp Your Past

  • Rating: 5 / 6

Reaching back into their discography to record songs from their first three albums, "Pimp Your Past" aims to appease the Fair Warning followers who maybe got into the band recently and haven’t been able to buy those older 1990’s efforts. Rather than tuning down as many veteran bands are apt to do, the key signatures remain the same – vocalist Tommy Heart robust in his multi-octave pipes (think in a similar caliber as the late, great Steve Lee of Gotthard) while the guitar play of Helge Engelke reaches elite hero status.

Melodic hard rock is the name of the game here – the type where the vocal harmonies and guitar hooks /grooves sink deep into the body, be it anthem-like for "One Step Closer", a touch more Whitesnake meets Firewind for "Out On the Run" or with calm, acoustic/bluesy tenderness on "Rain Song". Along with Pink Cream 69, Fair Warning have always been one of the more consistent, high quality bands from Germany proving that the genre isn’t dead even if the days or 15,000 seat sell out tours and major media coverage are long gone. So get this 11 song digital offering if you’ve missed the boat on their early discography.