RAVE THE REQVIEM – The Gospel of Nil

RAVE THE REQVIEM – The Gospel of Nil

  • Rating: 4 / 6

Shouldn’t really be surprising that the infusion of electronic/industrial sounds to the metal genre has opened up horizons for newer artists. Embracing technology is cool as long as you can develop a sonic platform that can deliver songs – and Swedish act Rave the Reqviem understand this on their latest album "The Gospel of Nil". Loving spacious/distant melodies against electronic, pulsating rhythms and hard-edge guitars, everything from Amaranthe and Ministry to Pain and electronica artists come up when taking on tracks such as "Synchronized Stigma" and the utterly infectious "Mono Heart".

To the point songs, catchy parts and smart twists/transitions should develop a healthy cross-section of followers from the metal community and beyond for Rave the Reqviem. Modern in its approach, the future looks bright based on the "The Gospel of Nil" – entertaining and inviting movement through rhythms and solid grooves.