The latest EP "Umbra" from Sweden death/thrash quintet Diabolical proves the ferociousness has not let up on any level with these gentlemen. Throwing a bit of an atmospheric curveball on "Tremor" with low ethereal spoken word passages against shimmering, cascading guitar lines more Lake of Tears psychedelic-oriented than conventional is appropriate on a 4 song offering. Especially considering the other three cuts contain the blistering speed, heaviness, and growls one would expect from Diabolical.

The symphonic texture gives off that Dimmu Borgir vibe, but the execution certainly comes from a Morbid Angel/ Behemoth perspective. Knowing when to be blasting one moment and controlled the next is key to Diabolical’s appeal – dynamic versatility even in the heavier death/thrash genres necessary for long-term sustainability. Favorites including the jagged push and pull rhythmically for "Requiem" as well as the aforementioned surprise "Tremor".

Bring on the next full-length.