Full album stream: SUBLIMINAL FEAR – Escape from Leviathan

Full album stream: SUBLIMINAL FEAR – Escape from Leviathan


Proudly presents the full album premiere of



"Escape from Leviathan"



Release date: May 13, 2016
Inverse Records







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Subliminal Fear started writing materials and playing together in ​ 2002 by vocalist Carmine Cristallo and bass player Alessio Morella. For several years, the lineup was inconstant flux while the band was looking for the right musicians for them. In the early years, the band played amelodic swedishdeathmetal basedonmelodies, speedandaggressivesound, like In Flames​, ​Soilwork and ​ At the Gates​. In ​ November 2004​, the band released the first demo​ with three tracks.

The debut "​Uncoloured World Dying​" was recorded in ​16th Cellar Studios in Rome with the producer ​ Stefano Morabito (Hour of Penance, Flashgood Apocalypse) in 2007and the band signed a worldwide deal with Greek label ​ Burning Star Records​ . The album got a good response from metal­heads and it received many positive reviews from Italian and European magazines.   

In summer of ​ 2012​ , after some line up changes, ​ SubliminalFearenteredintheir studios to record their second full­length "​ One More Breath​ " and they signed an agreement with the Italian label ​ SG Record​ s. The album has been mixed and mastered in Turin by ​ Ettore Rigotti​  (Disarmonia Mundi, Destrage).   

In September of ​ 2013​ , ​ Subliminal ​ Fear’s ​ original members decided to get back together and to work again with the same moniker but with a new musical project.  

SUBLIMINAL FEAR​ ‘s new album title is "​ ESCAPE FROM LEVIATHAN​ ". After 2 years and half working in studio, ​ the third album is finally ready, ​ with 10 tracks and they show several innovations about past musical style with a greater attention to melodies andwitha modern sound. The early sound has evolved in a "​ cyber​ metal​ " with​ extremeandmelodic vocals​, ​djent ​guitars​, a​ huge groove and with ​ electronic and ​ industrial synth​. Now, the band’s line­up is composed by ​ 2 vocalists, to express better all potential of thenewsound, also in live shows.   

The ​ new music style of the band mixes ​ death metal​ , ​ electronic music and ​ catchy melodies​ , and it’s for lovers of ​ Sybreed​ , ​ Mnemic and ​ Fear Factory​ . Thethirdfull lengthis been produced, mixed and mastered by ​ Giuseppe Dentamaro and Subliminal Fear in Golem Dungeon Studios​ . All keyboards, samples and programming are been arrangedby Botys Beezart ​ (Godyva).   

Album’s artwork has beenrealizedby​ SethSiroAnton(Moonspell, ParadiseLost, Soilwork, Sybreed, Nile, Septicflesh), based on the lyrics concept​ : a futuristic and apocalyptic vision of the world and the society, inspired by movies like ​ Terminator​ , ​ Alien​  and ​ Matrix​ . 

Furthermore the album will include also the participation of ​ international guests​: Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic, One­Way Mirror), ​ Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Arkaea) and Lawrence Mackrory​  (Darkane). 




1. Phantoms or Drones 06:17
2. All Meanings They’ve Torn 04:45
3. Nexus 05:00
4. Escape from Leviathan 04:55
5. Evilution 05:51
6. Living in Another World (Talk Talk cover) 04:56
7. Dark Star Renaissance 04:07
8. Self-Proclaimed Gods 05:22
9. Limitless 04:48
10. The Disease Is Human Emotion 03:09

Alessio Morella Bass
Domenico Murgolo Guitars
Carmine Cristallo Vocals
Ruggiero Scassano Drums
Matteo De Bellis Vocals (Growl)






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