RIMFROST – Rimfrost

RIMFROST – Rimfrost

Active since 2002, Swedish black metal band Rimfrost seem to gravitate towards a very melodic approach with death twinges on their third album which is self-titled. Their first effort in 7 years – new bassist B.C. entering the fold in 2012 – the trio rely on a jackhammer wall of guitars approach while adding the necessary blackened screams and pounding blast beats/ grooves to really get the adrenaline pumping throughout this 8 song effort.

A load of Norwegian influences come through, but also the Viking elements in terms of riff and high melodic guitar runs make "Ragnarök" and "Saga North" early favorites – Hravn as a guitarist understanding the need for occasional clean refrains before launching into the next speedy trilling exercise to blackened energy. It’s obvious that the band love thrash and melodic death as much as they do their Immortal or Darkthrone – placing them in rarified company, as the production also has a clearer, sharper tone that gives the gallops and atmosphere a haunting quality that sticks to your chest. Drummer Throliv knows his way around the double bass and snare – but is as complimentary at normal BPM’s as when he’s going full throttle for extremity’s sake.

Certain main riffs possess this addictive thick, triplet oriented gallop very familiar to those into Heathen, Metallica, or Iced Earth – check out "Beyond the Mountains of Rime" and hear where cultural strains meeting black metal can go, as this song could vault Rimfrost as it’s a song that should be a setlist mainstay. Intertwining shorter and longer cuts, the band ensures that their dynamic variety will not cause boredom to set in. Given that this is my first time taking in Rimfrost, it sounds like a deeper look into their discography is mandatory.

Heaviness comes from melody as well as pure power – this self-titled album contains both, and should be a delight for those who appreciate more musical muscle in their blackened/death oriented metal.