Rune ringte opp Derrick Green fra Sepultura for en liten prat den 10. Februar 2003.

Let’s start with the Revolusongs EP. What can you tell us about that EP?

We put 7 songs of bands that has influenced us as kids growing up. And we picked songs that aren’t very typical Sepultura. We picked songs that were more challenging. A different variety of bands to make the album interesting and challenging for us. So we picked bands such as Massive Attack, U2, Devo, Jane’s Addiction, Public Enemy, Exodus and Hellhammer. A variety of different music.

ET – It’s been release in Brazil only so far. When is the releasedate for Europe?

Yes, it’s out in Brazil right now, but it will be released in Europe and Asia in April I think.

ET – Your latest album Nation was a concept album. Will the new album continue the Sepulnation theme?

Ehhh….no. This one is not a concept album. It’s straight forward metal-hardcore. After doing the Revolusongs we wanted to play really hard and fast, and to do something different than the last album. We wanted to bring some new energy to our music, a new edge to the music.

ET – I have to ask a question about Roadrunner. What do you feel about the way they treated you the last years?

It was very dissappointing, but it was very good to move away from them and move on.

ET – Have you found a new label yet?

We have different distibutors around the world. In Europe we have SPV, In Japan/Asia we have GBC and here in Brazil we have SMM…hehe. We are also negotiating with an american label, but I can’t say anything yet about that one.

ET – Is it true that Sepultura didn’t support the release of the double live album Under The Pale Grey Sky?

Yes, we didn’t want that album out. We didn’t want that album to come out and we didn’t ask Roadrunner to put it out. It was their own idea.

Do you think they released it just to earn money?

Well, yes but I could have helped them with that aspect….hahaha. They could have released that album when Max was in the band, It would have made more sense then. The one thing that Igor was saying that they could at least picked a show with some really good energy, and he felt that that show wasn’t the best show of the tour. He felt that there were other shows that they could have put out, but that’s their own problem…heheh.

ET – You have a video out now of one of the song from Revolusongs.
D – Yes, we have a video out here in Brazil of one of the songs from the Revolusongs EP. It’s the U2 song Bullet The Blue Sky. The video has been running on MTV here, and I think it will be released in Europe soon too. Hopefully we will have a new video of one of the songs from the new album out before it’s out.

ET – I heard a rumour of another videoclip where you were singing of Sinbad the pirate.

(Laughing hard)……

Is there any chance for that song to be released as a B-side or anything in the future?

(Still laughing)…..I don’t know man. Anything is possible cuz we do have the freedom to do a lot of different thing and a lot of different options. We are constantly thinking of new ideas so……a B-side? It’s not out of the question…hehehe.

ET – Do you play a lot of the older songs when playing live?

Yeah, we are having a really good mix now. This time I think when we’re on tour. The older songs we are gonna play this time is gonna be a little more obscure for really really hardcore fans. We used to play the most popular old songs before, but now I think we are changing it to a mix with those songs and the songs that we haven’t played live, plus a mixture with the new songs. I think it would be a powerful set.

ET – Are you planing to include Norway on your next tour?

I certainly hope so. It’s been a long time since the last time. I think we’re really gonna try to play so many places as possible on this new tour. We are working with a booking-agency for Europe. We really wanna hit everywhere with this new set. We wanna come to everywhere in Europe so that everyone can see that we have changed the show visually. Hopefully we will be there…for sure.

ET – Do you know if the video Under Siege – Live In Barcelona will ever be released on DVD?

I think it is, I’m not sure.

It is? I haven’t seen it.

Me neighter..hehe. It’s another Roadrunner thing.

ET – Back to the new album. Which issues are you singing about?

There is personal issues such as watching people destroy themselves whether it’s some sort of abuse or anything else. We write songs about the political situation in Brazil and about the fact that it’s so many countries on the abscence of war now. We sing about that there is people out there to destroy the world, whether it’s big companies or just peoples lack of knowledge. We also have a few songs about war. People that are believing that they are fighting for something. It’s a variety of fustration and anger beeing released on this album.

ET – Ok….will there be any guest-artists on the new album?

No. (We always had guest apperences. We have one so far and it wasn’t even planed. One addition from Brazil playing percussion on one song and that’s about it. When we wrote the songs we really didn’t have anyone in mind and we wanted to keep it really simple. We didn’t want to do the same as before, having a million guest-artists on the album. We just wanted to do something different with this one.

ET – Are you playing guitar on the new album?

Yes, in the writing process, wether it’s good or bad, we really tried. So we tried a lot of stuff on guitar bringing in ideas. And a lot of the ideas worked so I ended up playing a lot more guitar in the practice and we’re gona use that in the set as well. So I will be playing on a lot of the new songs. Add a different dimension to the show.

ET – Have you ever heard of the Inferno Festival here in Norway?

No, I haven’t heard of it. Is it a lot of metal bands or what?

Yes, it’s an extreme metal festival.

Aaahhh. Sounds like a plan…hehehe. Right now we are trying to get in to a lot of summer festivals in Europe.

ET – Last question: What are your personal view on the metalscene today?

I think it’s very interesting. I mean when I first got into it myself, listening to serious metal music, it was very one dimensional and it was very cool. But I think it has moved and becomed a little more interesting. People/bands are adding their different ideas and different elements. It’s constaintly growing, especially lyricly. That was the one thing I really love beeing in a band as Sepultura. So we can expand lyricly, so we’re not stocked writing lyrics about murder, lizards and alves or mystical world or something like that. We can write songs about personal problems and things that we’re actually involved in and that we see around us every day.

ET – Ok, that’s what I had. Thank you very much for your time and good luck on tour and with the new album.

Thank you and bye.


En stor takk til Robin Klausen som bidro med en del av spørsmålene.