DEMILICH gjester Oslo (11/12)

DEMILICH gjester Oslo (11/12)

Oslo – Pokalen Pub

Fredag 11. desember 2015
(Dørene åpner kl 20:00)








C.C. NOK 200,- + avgift

18 år leg plikt


For the first time in history, the mighty DEMILICH are coming to Oslo! True inventors of the scene, they released the genre-defying Nespithe all the way back in 1993, featuring highly original, intricate, death metal riffs with extremely low-pitched vocals from the deepest, darkest voids of frontman Antti’s soul. Come 2015, DEMILICH are back with a vengeance, stronger than ever. The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions awaits!

Oslo-based DISKORD combine an old-school approach to death metal with progressive and technical as well as doomy elements. Their latest release ‘Oscillations’ is an uncompromising, wild, and jarring exercise in alien death metal, evoking references to the genre’s glorious past as well pointing to its gloomy future.

What’s it sound like to go Beyond Death? That’s precisely the question GOUGE answer with their titular debut album. GOUGE’s influences are clearly from the oldest of schools – Repulsion, Autopsy, Death Strike, and earliest Death – but even just a cursory listen to Beyond Death reveals an acute understanding of what drives those sounds rather than the replication of them: their attack is gross and guts fucking, but burning with a passion that’s blanching to behold.