INFERNO 2015 – Thursday – Part Two – John Dee & Rockefeller

INFERNO 2015 – Thursday – Part Two – John Dee & Rockefeller

Inferno is one of the most important providors of good metal in Norway, and it has been so for 15 years. The two main venues of the festival is Rockefeller and John Dee.

Septicflesh is one of those band names that everyone has heard, but still seems like isn’t a very "popular" band. And the point isn’t that they’re unpopular, but rather that people in general seems to know the name more than the music, which is a shame, because their music is truly grand! Incredibly thight on the stage and a relatively dynamic stage show! The people who isn’t already listening to these guys should do it now! Not only great performers, but also great musicians.

Search your brain for the coolest bandname you can think of. Use a little time on that, and if it is even half as cool as 1349, you’ll be welcome to share it! And this band’s awesomeness does absolutely not stop with the name. Their music is incredibly intense and very well performed. Even if the band seemed to have some technial issues during the show, they still kept the energy on a maximum. The pyro also helped as a nice visual effect. If there is one thing to take away from the experience of 1349, it is that they are more or less the only big band that still plays the good old version of black metal!

Behemoth live @ Inferno 2015
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)

When someone says the words "black metal", people usually think of Norway. When someone says "death metal", it’s usually the U.S. or Sweden that comes to mind, so what country will pop up if someone says "blackened death metal"? Well, that’s easy: Poland, and there is one band that’s the reason for that, and that is of course Behemoth. Every now and then, people will come across a band that they know, but haven’t seen live yet, and it will blow them away completely! Guess what? Behemoth is undoubtedly one of those bands. The level these guys are at is something completely special. One thing is how good the music is even after 20 years in the business, but just the level of professionality around the live show. Everything goes smoothly, total control of the audience and almost nothing is left to coincidences. The visual effect of burning inverted crosses right before Christians tothe Lions is strong wnough to send chills (ironically) down the spine. This band has a complete control of everything they do, and that is a rare gift nowadays.