DAN REED – Transmission

DAN REED – Transmission

Probably best known for his work in the funk rock outfit the Dan Reed Network who gained acclaim in the 1980’s, "Transmission" is the third solo album from guitarist/vocalist Dan Reed. These 13 songs are more light melodic rock in context, Dan’s vocals very serene and a lot of the chord choices possess a hypnotic or semi-laid back nature. I can hear elements of The Eagles in "Bending the Light" or Poco during "Roll the Dice", and his comfortable bluesy delivery works well on the slower, light rock ballad "You’re All I Need".

Bassist Bengt Jonasson and drummer Robert Ikiz are regular touring collaborators that successfully translate Dan’s ideas into solid tempos, never overplaying and keeping the focus on the easy-going hooks and melodies at hand. Check out the breezy atmosphere for "On the Metro" and the almost country feel for "Arm Yourself" to see this is a trio of seasoned players.

"Transmission" contains 13 tracks and slightly over an hour of melodic rock, definitely exploring more of the lighter side but still entertaining nonetheless.