BLASTFEST 2015 – Day 3 – Bergen, Garage + USF Verftet

BLASTFEST 2015 – Day 3 – Bergen, Garage + USF Verftet


Day 3 – A day for sessions 

BLASTFEST was alot more than just a bunch of concerts, and this will be the day where other elements (along with some concerts) get explored.


A nice activity to do while waiting for USF to open. The quiz at Apollon explored alot of different metal bands and genres. Ivar was an understandable and good host, and the questions were hard enough to make people search their heads for all sort of weird answers.There were some questions about bands or labels that were represented on the festival, and others that were just random trivia. Some trivia questions might be meant mostly for people who are unusually interested in an artist or a band. In the end it was all for fun and in good spirit. A nice place and time to sit down and have a beer with felow metal heads.


Baard Kolstad has in very short time managed to become one of the most respected drummers in (extreme) metal. Working with bands like Borknagar, Leprous and Ihsahn, this kid is a real up-and-comer, and a living proof that age is in many cases just a number. His drum session were quite interesting, in the way that he has some very progressive ideas about how he likes his beats to sound. He still has alot to learn, but he also has the time to learn it. So for anyone playing in a big metal band or that owns a label: Watch out for this guy, because he is a star in the making


The Blast market was nicely executed with alot of different merch of many special kinds. There was Wolf’s Lair for those most interested in Black Metal Merch, Darklands for a little more gothic metal style, Spellbound Clothing for gothic looking clothes that were all hand crafted as well as Indie Recording and Apollon with CDs and LPs. And ofcourse BLASTFEST had their own little stand where one could buy the official BLASTFEST merch. All this placed in a nice area if one would want a break from the concerts, og if one just would want to sit down during the festival and have a beer (or other beverages).


DARK FUNERAL live @ Blastfest 2015
(Photo: Jarle H Moe)

BORKNAGAR is one of those bands you never know what to answer about if someone asks what genre they belong to. Being a band from Norway in the 90’s that has clean vocals is quite unique. This was their first concert in Bergen in 13 years(!) and it was really good to see them in their home town. The band has a very down-to-earth way to behave on the stage, playing a little with the idea of being complete amateurs at what they do, even though they execute all their songs flawlessly tight. Fun to look at and amazing to hear live. Come back home anytime you want Borknagar!

Sweden got a new shot at the big stage with DARK FUNERAL. The strongest part of their performance was definetly their drummer. Tighter drummer than that is hard to come by. Other than that, there was not much to write home about. The band mostly stood still while playing songs they have mostly layed for twenty years, and there was little to no energy on stage. The new vocalist did an ok job, but it wasn’t as interesting or grand as seeing them with Caligula. Not a bad concert, but the band was obviously not at their best, and that resulted in a pretty forgettable gig.


AT THE GATES live @ Blastfest 2015
(Photo: Jarle H Moe)

But the Swedish metal scene had one shining rock among all their coal. AT THE GATES was one of the most intense bands from the big scene this evening. Their sound was amazing, and the energy on the stage as well as in the audience were magically good. They were tight and delivered a very good concert to their fans.

Day 3 was probably the least interesting day, concert wise, however, the sessions and clinics offered alot and helped the festival in keeping the energy, even if one were not too interested in the bands. This shows how incredibly well this festival is planned. Something for everyone all the time.