PORTA NIGRA – Kaiserschnitt

PORTA NIGRA – Kaiserschnitt





Released by:
Debemur Morti Productions

March 9, 2015


PORTA NIGRA’s latest temporal tempest, ‘Kaiserschnitt’, is an abstract work of non-conforming Dark Metal art.
Once more, the peerless duo takes us back in time to a bygone era, a century past, to visit an empire and mind-(s)pace synonymous with unspeakable depravity; to celebrate a time of inner and outer turmoil that frequently manifested itself in lurid acts of mental and sexual deviancy.
At once a historical documentation of the past and a leap forward to our bleak future (end), ‘Kaiserschnitt’ stands defiantly alone – a solitary script delivered in a distinct voice.



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<a href="http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/kaiserschnitt" mce_href="http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/kaiserschnitt">Kaiserschnitt by PORTA NIGRA



The Prussian province Coblence in the year 1902, among deceitful beggars, vicious prostitutes and the omnipresent stench of absinthe:

The miserable musicians of PORTA NIGRA decide to cut loose with a last swansong for the dying 19th century: "Fin de Siècle".

Irritated by the rising mechanisation, in fear of the coming carnages of 1914 and 1939 and heavily intoxicated with the worst poisons, these doomed souls raise their cups to salute the new world and embrace the angel of decadence one last time.

The sensational gramophone record "Fin de Siècle" was released by the French maison Debemur Morti Productions, under the patronage of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, exclusively.

Two years later the two dandys return with a second album: "Kaiserschnitt" ("Cesarean"). But this time they exchanged their absynth-glasses and opium-pipes with rapiers and gunpowder.
"Kaiserschnitt" is an opus about the first great war of the worlds. Dedicated to all victims of the megalomania of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the albums takes the listener back to a journey to the old German empire of 1914. Stories about the bloody mensur fights amoung hot-blooded students, the dreadful battles of Verdun and Basra and the mournful fate of the glamorous femme fatale Mata Hari are fascinating stories that PORTA NIGRA created a musical homage for.





1. Die Mensur
2. Femme Fatale
3. Kaiserschnitt
4. In Stahlgewittern
5. Kein schönerer Tod
6. Mata Hari
7. Hepatitis Libido
8. Ich-Zerfall
9. Der letzte Ton


Gilles De Rais – Guitar, Bass
O. – Drums, Vocals


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