DISASTER – Blasphemy Attack

DISASTER – Blasphemy Attack

Sharing a name through the years with a boatload of acts from all across the globe, this Disaster hails from Columbia and is a quartet of musicians in the thrash mold for their debut album "Blasphemy Attack". Heads down, raw thrash is how these musicians handle their material, keeping the transitions very simplified while the vocals are raspy and acidic.

The stop/start elements are classic early 80’s moves, both from a Bay Area or European perspective. Expect lead guitar play that is equally frantic as it is in key, and songs such as "Evil Mind" plus "Satan’s Spies" possess the exuberance of thrash’s early years – but also the pitfalls of mediocre production values and tones (thin in the drum and bass departments). The intro guitar moments to the instrumental "Valley of Illusions" also leave eyebrows raised due to the slower rhythms against a furious, emotional lead break that doesn’t work.

"Blasphemy Attack" is juvenile at best, and wouldn’t make it alive out of most rehearsal studios.