At this point, post-metal oriented alternative music has multi-faceted appeal when musicians take the right tact. Fusing different aspects of varying genres and creating a landscape of material that is moody, atmospheric, endearing, reflective, hypnotic, expansive – truly becomes a life altering experience if you choose to succumb to its swirling, outer world textures. This German quintet on "Marula" illustrates another high quality record in this genre- 9 songs and over an hour of music fueled by dual whispering/ forceful vocals, guitars that echo and circle in clean passages and then hit electric capacities in a rhythmic fashion – plus bass and drum components that can be progressive and groove-oriented part to part, song to song.

People into Tool, Karnivool, and The Deftones will find plenty to savor on tracks like "Comfort", the 90’s alternative-oriented "Arc" or the somber, heart beat skipping "Playing You". It’s not going to all hit you at once – "Marula" has many layers that can require headphone sessions for the brain to wrap around everything taking place. And again, that’s the interesting quality of post-Metal bands at the height of their abilities – building many songs from softness to heaviness, one portion at a time. What seems progressive is actually very simple… just free flowing in jam-like sessions, pushed into a heavier context.

No longer just an American phenomenon, European bands are getting into the act – and Eden Circus are one of the best new bands to look forward to in the coming years. "Marula" has plenty of hair raising moments – highlights including the savage chugging and brutal vocals during "101" as well as the Tool-esque "Summon a Ghost" where the drumming and guitars ebb and flow like a tidal wave crashing and receding from the shore.

Brilliant music, perfect for a variety of situations to release tension and reflect on what’s going on within your world.