DICTATED – The Deceived

DICTATED – The Deceived

Ah, the soothing sounds of brutal death metal. Welcome to Dictated, a Dutch outfit that has three primary members (guitarists Jessica Otten and Sonja Schuringa plus vocalist York Keijzer) and two session members (bassist Henri Sattler and drummer Michiel van der Plicht of God Dethroned). Their second album "The Deceived" contains 10 tracks of vicious, non-compromising death metal – the type usually associated from North American artists like Suffocation, Origin, or even a Polish band like Decapitated.

Most of the material is fast-paced, but occasionally when the band slow down during the mid-section of "Dispossessed" or the title track, they do not sacrifice anything in the sharp sledgehammer riff or growl department. Jessica and Sonja can whirl about serious addictive unified parts, the type that encourage walls of pit action or furious hair windmills – while York’s growls are not over-cupped but still frightening.

Another one for the speedy death metal fanatics to embed deep into the cerebral cortex.