BEYOND THE GATES III – Day III – Bergen, Garage

BEYOND THE GATES III – Day III – Bergen, Garage


Day 3 – When worlds collide

The gates are about to close, and the last night has come. Biggest band of the evening: Primordial.

Without a doubt, the thought was to give the audience a day to calm down and let their heart beat slow back down to a level that’s possible to survive. Because the last night is the night for psychedelic rock and metal, and a bit more mainstream sound.

The first of the last is Jess and the Ancient Ones. Without a doubt one of the best musical acts of the whole festival. Tight, cool, and comfortable to listen to. The visual part isn’t overly weird, but with a weak, sensual feeling, as well as an amazing attitude from the female vocalist. This is a band that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime!

Satan’s Satyrs are on the other side of the psychedelic aspect from Jess and the Ancient Ones, and also alot less interesting. The whole "back to the 70’s" feeling shines so bright from this band, and makes the whole experience that much more boring and even a little awkward. Musically as well as visually. Not a very special band, but they hold up ok.

Purson takes the audience back to the Jess and the Ancient Ones vibe, but takes it a little bit furter than expected. Another band with a female vocalist, which sings incredibly good! The band is wonderfully weird, musically, and this is without a doubt an enjoyable part of the evening. Though a bit different from the night’s first act, they are more or less just as enjoyable.

Satan enters the stage, and a horde of "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" fans gets extatic. As the oldest band in the festival, these guys really knows how to put up a great show. Good singing accompanied by high quality guitar playing and great drum beats makes these guys one of the best musical acts of the festival.

And finally there is Primordial. Even if the band is anything but bad, it seems as they are the odd one out for the evening, seeing as they are much heavier and less progressive than the other bands. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not as fun. Primordial delivers another of the best performances of the festival. The audience gets showered by classic songs, and life is just extremely good at the end of Beyond the gates.

Probably the weirder and most variated night of the festival, this was also the one night where every band seemed very memorable. Almost perfect ending to an almost perfect week.