FALLUJAH – …with atmospheric power and emotional intensity

FALLUJAH – …with atmospheric power and emotional intensity

FALLUJAH is a Californian progressive and technical death metal band and according to vocalist Alex Hofmann, a band that takes risks. Eternal Terrors death metal queen Karina Cifuentes got in touch with Alex prior to the release of their new album entitled "The Flesh Prevails".

Describe Fallujah’s musical style and why people over here should pay more attention to your band. What makes it distinct?

We’re taking risks, which in 2014 isn’t exactly the status quo. We are a death metal band coming not from a context of brutality and technicality. But from atmospheric power and emotional intensity.

Astonishing artwork! Who made it? And what is the meaning behind it. How is it related to the album’s lyrical themes.

Tomasz Alen Kopera did the original paintings which we commissioned, then from there I took the three pieces and added my own flare and cohesiveness to them. This is by far our favorite cover or piece of artwork we’ve had representing us. The artwork is a contrast of survival and death, youth and withering, ascension and downfall. It’s an image a failing man, decaying in the shadow of an ascending youthful woman. The Flesh Prevails is a collection of themes about Empowerment, and the downward spiral that sometimes must precede it.


The song Sapphire is so well layered. To put the feeling it gives me in words is like it has depth, kinda three-dimensional sound (Hope it makes sense to someone else too) Is this song representative for the whole album?  

I think you’re correct, many of the songs focus on certain sonic themes more specifically, while Sapphire taps on a lot of them collectively. The whole album has a layered sound, because honestly, the album literally has tons of layers from leads, to synths, to reverb effects. It really has it’s own unique tone that no one metal bands are harnessing.

I’ve listened to the new Origin album in its entirety and it is a pretty varied album, pretty surprising. Are you guys going to surprise us too. What can we expect from The Flesh Prevails? 

The album is extremely varied, especially for a metal album, but I think our fans expect that. The Harvest Wombs and Nomadic both were varied albums, this album takes it to the next level, and evokes a much wider array of emotions.

This is really complex music and has lots of elements added with subtlety, pretty impressive. I wonder how the composition process goes.

Everything is made with computers, we spend most of our time composing transitions, and you can certainly tell, I think when parts flow seemleasly it makes the sections themselves stand out. It’s exhausting going from blasting beats straight to groove, straight to fast thrash beats with no blend or context. As a band that utilized the change in time signature and keys, we pride ourselves on making our tracks flow naturally and in a way that is sonically pleasing.


I know you guys listen to a lot of non-metal music. How much influence have other non-metal genres in Fallujah? And please explain us about how exactly this influences translate to your music.

This depends on who you ask in the band, if you ask Scott you will find lots of jazz fusion including Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Alan Holdsworth. If you ask Rob you will find bands like Radiohead, Submotion Orchestra. If you ask me you will find lots of electronic stuff ranging from M83 to Reso to Ltj Bukem. The melodic aspects are all the same, and the sound design of the atmospheric elements were heavily influenced by non metal sources.

Tell us more about the release and plans to tour here in Europe

We are currently working our European preorders, and we have a tour planned for this November/December over there. It’s gonna be a great lineup and we are hitting lots of new territory.

Anything you would like to add?

The album is out July 22nd, and we will be beginning a long touring cycle . Check out the new Track Sapphire and grab a preorder package from Indiemerch or our European vendor when they are posted