Premiere: FROZEN OCEAN – The Dyson Swarm

Premiere: FROZEN OCEAN – The Dyson Swarm


Proudly presents a full album stream of



"The Dyson Swarm"


Kristallblut Records

Release date: March 3, 2014


Frozen Ocean is a musical project of Vaarwel. There are no other musicians closely related with project (excepting several session appearances), and all instruments and vocals sounding on Frozen Ocean records are played by Vaarwel. Project was formed at the end of 2005, never was over, and from birth to now is located in Moscow, Russia.

Frozen Ocean does not support any political, social, religious or philosophic conceptions. According this, all music and art of project is devoted only to things related with author’s thoughts, images, feelings and associations, and does not propagandize anything except Darkness and Death.

Frozen Ocean is in opposition to modern fashion-like orthodox/religious devil-worshipping black metal trend owing to its absolute identity with abrahamic religions and their blindness, stupidity and external attribute oriented pathos.

Frozen Ocean does not: usually give interviews, play live sets, support any merch and any special editions of released albums (box-sets etc.), participate in compilations anymore.

Frozen Ocean does: play good music, help listeners to obtain project’s releases, make split releases, collaborate with designers for good artwork.


1. Syzygy
2. CE-4
3. Sloan Great Wall
4. SHGb02+14a
5. Exoplanet (HD 85512 b)
6. The Dyson Swarm
7. UDFj-39546284

Vaarwel: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Mandoline, Sampling, Drum programming