PETER – A Dive…

PETER – A Dive…

Some people have bigger record collections than most of us. We have recently been digging a little in the collections of major collectors in "A Dive …" and our next target is Peter from the EMV page on Facebook..

There is no doubt that you are a person who prefers vinyl. What is it about vinyl that makes you prefer it over the more space-saving formats such as CDs and digital files?

When I discovered the beauty of vinyl I was hooked immediately. The artwork I was use to from my CD’s suddenly became kind of ridiculous. I saw details on my favorite albums I’ve never seen before on vinyl, especially all these classic Dan Seagrave artworks really comes to justice on 12" format. The effort you need to put into listening to a vinyl is another thing that took me by surprise. From finding the record in my shelf, take it out of the sleeve and put it on the turntable to see the needle in contact with the vinyl is just fantastic to me. But don’t get me wrong, I do use digital music when I’m out running or driving my car.

What kind of turntable do you have?

A standard Denon I upgraded with a Otofon bronze cartridge. Never really been a HIFI fanatic, I’d rather spend my money on the wax than on the hardware.

Do you remember the very first record you bought or stole?

Haha.. I actually got accused to steal a record in a 2nd hand book/recordshop back when I was 15 years old. The shop owner called my mom, and when I went to his shop to talk with him he found the damn record that felt down between two shelves…. I was so mad I never put my foot in his shop ever again. It closed a few years later. Not my fault…haha. My first two records were Grave "You’ll Never See.." And Unleashed "Shadows in the deep".

What is the rarest album you’ve got?

Six Feet Under "Haunted" testpress on black vinyl. It’s the only one that exists. All other Haunted vinyls are on picture disc.


Does Peter’s record collection consist of metal only?

Yes and a few hard rock records too. That’s the way I limit myself. Keep it metal!

What else can one find that Peter highly appreciates?

The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Graveyard

Do you go to many record fairs and second hand stores and stuff?

Not really, but there is one I go to each time and that’s the one in Gothenborg. Great fair with lots of metal.

Do you spend a lot of time surfing websites / auction sites like Discogs and Ebay?

Hmm…. yes!! Can’t say I don’t, always something I’m after

How do you preserve your collection? Is it categorized or is it just helter skelter?

A-Z all mixed together, but as I only have metal it’s not too bad. I do have my drawers where I keep all those vinyls I listen to the most, and those I consider classic albums.


You mentioned prior to this interview that death metal released between 1990 and 1995 is main interest. Why this fascination for death metal and especially death metal released between 1990 and 1995?

This was when I grew up as a kid, I started to listen to the first Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Obituary, Entombed and Death albums in the beginning of the 90’s and I honestly don’t think there is a better period for Death Metal than 90-95, so many classic’s I don’t know where to start.

Are you trying to collect every death metal album released between 1990 and 1995?

Only the albums I like, but that still counts a lot of albums.

Do you remember the first death metal album you ever heard?

Probably "Tomb of The Mutilated" or "Effigy of The Forgotten".

You also told me that you collect everything from Six Feet Under. Are they your favorite band or is this just one of those things where you started to collect everything and just can’t stop?

SFU are one of my favorite bands.. Not sure if it’s the one. There are so many great bands I like so it’s hard to pick an ultimate favorite. SFU are very special to me and Chris Barnes has always been one of my favorite DM vocalists. I also figured out they were not as tough to collect everything, with as with many other of the bands I love, still I need a few TPs to complete the collection.

If you stopped buying Six Feet Under stuff, would you ever stop thinking about it?

Not a problem


Which is best; American or European death metal?

I Always prefer the US scene. Back then, and still do!

Are there any bands or subcultures of death metal you don’t like?

I’m pretty open-minded about new stuff. I even like some Whitechapel and The Black Dahlia Murder. First I listen to the music and then make my conclusion on new music.

You are home after a long day’s work and want to relax with some music. What do you, most likely, want to listen to?

US Death metal or some old Mercyful Fate, or even some grim 2nd wave Norwegian black metal.

What was the last record your purchase?

Vempire "S/T"


What purchases are you most pleased with?

My Mercyful Fate collection, four first: Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation. All Death albums… Again there are so many, but this should give you a picture.

I just have to ask about this too; which purchases are you least satisfied with?

It has to be the new wave of black metal, especially the US black metal. Not my cup of tea, I prefer the Scandinavian bands when it comes to Black metal.

What’s in or on your player right now?

Cryptopsy: None So Vile

Where do you stand when it comes to original albums? Do you want a first press or are you pleased with re-mastered re-publications?

I want the real deal and that’s the original pressing to me.

There are split opinions about live albums. Where do you stand and what’s your ultimate live album? What’s so special about this record?

Not much of a fan when it comes to live albums, I do love Slayer "Decade of Aggression" which is my all-time favorite live recording.

The intensity, the atmosphere and for god sake; it’s Slayer at their absolute best.


What about the gender distribution in your collection; how is that coming along?

I have a few LPs in my collection, but don’t give it much attention.

The vinyl tax collector is standing at your doorstep and demanding one – 1 – vinyl record as an instant charge. What record do you choose to give away?

Something with Iron Maiden.

Are there any specific albums you are looking for that you absolutely must have in your collection before you die?

No, not really. I’m a Quality over quantity man and I have all my favorites already.

Who is the lucky one who takes over the treasure when Peter’s gone? Or will you have an extra-large chest and bring the gold with you into eternity?

I’ve instructed my family they shall sell the whole bunch on eBay, piece by piece starting at €1.


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