ROSKILDE 2014 er utsolgt

ROSKILDE 2014 er utsolgt

Roskilde Festival is sold-out

All 80,000 all-week tickets for Denmark’s Roskilde Festival are now sold out. A limited number of one-day tickets are still available.


Now it is too late to secure a ticket to the full eight-day experience at Roskilde Festival in Denmark which features headliners such as The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Outkast and Damon Albarn in the line-up.


All all-week tickets festival tickets are sold-out.


The high demand for Roskilde Festival’s eight-day-long offer of music and community means that 80,000 music lovers have now secured a ticket to the full festival experience.


Roskilde Festival’s spokeswoman, Christina Bilde, says:


"In the last couple of months we have noticed that a lot of people really want to go to Roskilde Festival, as the ticket rates have been record-high since we announced The Rolling Stones and our full line-up in April. Having sold-out means that 80,000 music lovers will have the opportunity to experience our full eight-day festival. And it also means that that we can now start looking forward to generating a profit from the festival which we donate in full to charitable and humanitarian causes."


Limited number of one-day tickets available

Even though all 80,000 full festival tickets are sold-out, it is still possible to visit Roskilde Festival this year.


A limited number of one-day tickets are available for Friday 4 July, Saturday 5 July and Sunday 6 July.


One-day tickets for Thursday 3 July are also sold-out. This is the date when The Rolling Stones and Outkast perform on Roskilde Festivals’s main stage Orange Stage.


In 2014 The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Damon Albarn, Deftones, Drake, Interpol, Kasabian, Major Lazer, Manu Chao La Ventura, Outkast, Rob Zombie, Stevie Wonder and Trentemøller are in the line-up.