Premiere: AMBIENT DEATH – Dismembering the Image of God

Premiere: AMBIENT DEATH – Dismembering the Image of God


Proudly presents a full album stream of



"Dismembering the Image of God"



Release date: April 7, 2014




Ambient Death is a New York metal band that was conceptualized by Lucas Klepacki. Hoping to "audioize" sinister sound with complex melodies, Lucas embarked on his vision by writing the music, lyrics and designing the artwork. The end goal was an independently run band, that would distribute music at their own pace, hence ensuring a pristine product. The official line up was started in 2007, with the initial enlistment of drummer and former band mate, Jaimen Shinn; who previously worked with Lucas for over a decade, most notably in the progressive death metal band Damon Morder. Following, Riyaad Edoo on bass, a NY metal scene veteran, and a close friend.

The trio completed their self-released debut album Time Eclipse in 2007. Ambient Death’s initial success lauded them much publicity from metal blogospheres and individual supporters around the world. Within seven months of the release the band caught the attention of the biggest commercial metal magazine in the U.S. and scored a full page feature in Metal Edge Magazine in the June 2008 issue, which also featured the song Manhunt on its compilation CD along with heavy hitters as Testament and Opeth.

In 2009, the band released their second album, Transmigration Of Souls, recorded by Joey Z from Life Of Agony. Chris Vieni joined the band as a second guitarist, and the album featured singer, Melissa Siren on "Ordained Without Redemption". The band played a handful of shows in the NYC area and recruited yet another guitarist John Orsi who toured Europe, together with Jaimen.
After a hiatus, Lucas was determined to record a full length album that would define Ambient Death’s sound and vision and started writing Dismembering The Image Of God. With the other members’ support in full, the trio started working on the new material, whilst auditioning different bass players in the process. Eventually, Aady Pandit, the band’s sound engineer and producer, also filled in on bass for the album.

Ambient Death has not particularly strayed far from their unconventional roots. The band continues to have the polish and intricacy of progressive metal, incorporating guitar synthesizer pick-up, E-standard guitar tuning, and the addition of elaborate ambient interludes; however retaining the familiar elements of fast tempos, growls, and the blast beats that are quintessence of black and death metal.
The band has also subsequently recorded their first two videos for City of the Silent, and Apotheosis of the Hangman, to further promote their music. The band stands their ground in self-releasing their music directly to their audience, uninfluenced, and determined to bring same, if not better quality, as signed bands, winning over their fans- one at a time.


1. Apotheosis of the Hangman
2. The Grace in Dying
3. City of the Silent
4. Over Your Grave I Stood Through the Night
5. Dismembering the Image of God
6. Solace
7. All Too Human

Guitars and Vocals: Lucas Klepacki
Guitars: John Orsi
Drums: Jaimen Shinn
Bass: Aady Pandit