Premiere: EXCRUCIATION – [g]host

Premiere: EXCRUCIATION – [g]host


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Auric Records / Gadget Records

Release date: May 16, 2014




Formed in 1984 to smash juvenile frustration and aggression into a hostile world with terms such as Death, Doom & Thrash Metal.

Their first demo had remarkable airplay in US-underground radio stations and even reached No.1 for several weeks.Excruciation’s first official release "The last Judgment" sold over 15,000 copies and reached Switzerland’s Top 100.Following the release was a successful tour of Switzerland and abroad, as well as becoming the first Swiss metal band totour in ex-communist Germany.

EXCRUCIATION was ready for international take over with the 1991 world wide release of "Anno Domini…" which sold over 20’000 copies , a very respectable amount at the time for an underground metal release.

In 1991 due to various musical and personal differences EXCRUCIATION took an indefinite time out..In 2005 for old times’ sake and seemingly long forgotten friendship all the original members came together again.After that eventful evening EXCRUCIATION was reborn and resurrected from the dead. And contrary to expectations,in 2005 "Arise" saw the light of day!Re-energized and reinspired by the music the band focused on the first full length album in their entire history"Angels to some, demons to others", released in early 2007, followed by "[t]horns" in 2009 and in doing so re-established thebands status once again.

2012 saw the re-release of Excruciation’s early works "Last Judgement" & "First Assault" on vinyl by the Italian label"F.O.A.D. Records" and a live recording from 1987 being released on tape by "The Ritual Productions" from the Netherlands,who also released [t]horns on vinyl in 2013.

Excruciation has just finished the recording for "[g]host", an intense journey into humanity’s darkest and deepest abysses!Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride of hate, grief, love and sheer agony.To be released in Switzerland by Gadget Records in May 2014.


1. While the Sea mounts up
2. Mother South
3. Under the Linden Tree
4. Murmansk II Му́рманск
5. Ghost; an interlude
6. Crawl
7. Sacrum quod
8. Murmansk I Му́рманск
9. Devil wears Christ

Eugenio Meccariello – vocals
Marcel Bosshart – guitars
Hannes Reitze – guitars / theremin
D.D. Lowinger – bass
Andy Renggli – drums