PREMIERE: GOATS OF DOOM – Ashes from the Past EP

PREMIERE: GOATS OF DOOM – Ashes from the Past EP


Proudly presents a full EP stream of



"Ashes from the Past"


Ewiges Eis Records

Release date: March 18, 2014




Black metal has been a passion of mine ever since teenage years. As a musician, my first project to involve the dark message was called Satanic Blasphemy, followed by a score of different projects, more or less serious. After numerous attempts and errors, Goats of Doom doom was born as a way to pour out the hate and darkness that had built inside me during my turning from a child into a man.
In the beginning, GoD was a solo project, but after a while the second member: Alesteir Alhazred was included as a writer of lyrics. With this lineup the demos "Perkeleen luonti" and "Herjaus kaikkia ihmisen jumalia vastaan" were created during the years 2009 and 2010. On the third demo: "Ikuinen pilkkalaulu" the drummer, Geneholocaust, joined the band. By this point the material had reached the ears of Lord Theynian, Frontman of DØDCVLT, who proposed making a split record between the bands. Thus began the recording of "Deathcult ov Doomgoat", which brought Goats of Doom the deal with Ewiges Eis records.
During the summer of 2011 the debut, heavily inspired by Lovecraftian horror, was recorded. During these sessions the fourth and final member of the band, Hermeticus Wormius, was officially included after producing, recording and playing synthesizers on previous recordings. A year later the album bearing the name "Lost in time and void" was released. Ironically I was lost too. I felt that something about the first record was off, and I felt musically lost.
In 2013 began the most demanding and draining project I had ever faced: The second full length album: "Intra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus". Once again the recording was conducted during the summer and by the end of the year the album was nearly finished. I felt dissatisfied. I began the recordings from the beginning all over again. And to give myself some time to clear my head from the enormous project, I recorded the EP: "Ashes from the past". The EP included some material from the times before the first official demos, improved a little and with new lyrics.
The EP was exactly wat was required to find that burning black flame which drives this project onwards again. "Intra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus", now due by the end of summer 2014, will be the most relentless and personal production so far.


1. Lord of the Flies
2. Viimeinen Sinetti
3. Musta Ceremonia

Alesteir Alhazred
Hermeticus Wormius