E-FORCE – The Curse…

E-FORCE – The Curse…

Moving from Quebec, Canada to France, vocalist/bassist Eric Forrest needed to change up the lineup, as we now have Xav on guitar while re-introducing Krof on drums, the latter a part of the 2005 European touring edition for E-Force. The third album "The Curse…" has a lot of that mid-80’s thrash rawness that made a lot of the Canadian/ European bands stand out a little from their polished Bay Area brethren. Impressive lead work makes "Witch Wrk" an immediate highlight, and Eric’s sandpaper gravelly nature keeps bringing me to Schmier/ Max Cavalera memories on "Serpent’s Kiss" or semi-power metal oriented "Your Beloved Hate".

Those who love classically-infused shred work will find plenty to enjoy from these 11 tracks- and lyrically "The Curse" is a concept album based on the power, temptation, and obsession with the female race – food for thought indeed. Eric has set his own course since his years with Voivod, and while I think E-Force has quality musicianship at heart, many of the songs could be streamlined a touch as the riffs can overstay their welcome.

Good for an occasional pass in the player.