Without a doubt one of the most important bands ever to emerge in the world of extreme music, INCANTATION has set the standard for USDM and is often credited as a pioneer in the genre. For over two decades, INCANTATION has stood out as one of the most uncompromising forces in metal with their blasphemous and bone-crushing doom-tinged brand of death. Responsible for classics like "Onward to Golgotha" and "Diabolical Conquest", INCANTATION‘s legacy speaks for itself. INCANTATION are coming back next month for a hell of fuckin evil metal ride and you’d better stand and be counted among the show attendees, WORSHIP THE GOAT AND ENJOY INCANTATION ‘S FUCKIN EVIL DEATH METAL !


It always seems like a celebration when INCANTATION are coming back to Europe as the band doesn’t play as often as some of their peers

John – We like to make it an event every time go to Europe. A lot of bands like to play their every year even sometimes more than one time their and I think that is just too much. For us it’s better just wait and do things the proper way to make sure we can get people quality show and a diverse set list. 

Kyle -We just like to make everytime we play really special and mean something so when we do play Europe we hope our fans realize this and make plans to make sure they come out to the gig . In this industry you never know if we’re able to return to your town .

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The line up for ‘Vanquish in Vengeance’ is probably the strongest in the band ‘s career, you guys seem to have gathered as old friends and musicians with a unique common goal

John – Totally I feel the same way this line up has just been awesome to work with and very creative. Were able to work towards one goal of creating the darkest heaviest sickest music that we’ve ever done. I think we all feel very fortunate to have a strong 
line up and and we are all happy to get the opportunity to work with each other in this band.

Kyle – Yes we all have the same feeling and vision for what INCANTATION style Death Metal should sound and feel like . And like you mentioned we are friends so it’s more like a band  . When you were young and first starting out, then a just 4 guys up there playing because its a job . We really enjoy playing with each others, and it really shows through our material . Even the older songs never sounded and felt so good What is the track listing for these shows, any old gems from the vaults ?

John- we don’t like to give away our set list before the tour, we can reassure you that it’s going to be an extremely diverse set. We will play a good amount if new material and a lot of extremely rare songs that we haven’t played live for a long time and some
songs we haven’t played in Europe ever. We wanted to do something special for our longtime fans. I think this set will make all our fans from our 20 + year career extremely satisfied after leaving our concert.

Kyle – Well we never give the set list away ahead of time, but I can tell you we discussed adding many songs to the set that we either never played live in Europe , and songs that are our personal favorites .Our goals was not only pick we enjoy,but some rarities that our longtime fans wouldn’t expect and would enjoy . Of course we’ll be palying a handfull of new tracks from ‘Vanquished in Vengeance’  everybody seems to really enjoy that records.

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Some words have been spread you guys were already working on a new album that would crush it all

John – Absolutely, we have been working on a bunch of new songs and were definitely really anxious to get into the recording studio as soon as possible at this moment it looks like January or February next year. It’s definitely some really great stuff everyone 
has been contributing a lots of really interesting ideas along with keeping that total crushing heavy death metal sound that it’s so important to our sound. it’s an honor to work with these three other guys in the band and I look forward to another amazing 
Kyle – Yes, the four of us haven’t stopped writing since we started writting for’Vanquish’.We have a good amount of new material that we plan to record asap after European tour. 

INCANTATION have a lot of die hard dedicated fans over here in Europe, any words to the supporters of the motherfuckin goat ?

John -We just like to thank all you guys for your support over the years you guys totally sick. We look forward to seeing you out on the road. we came up with 2 killer set for you guys, think you’ll enjoy. We will be altering the set every other night just to make things next or special people. Hail the goat!

Kyle – Continue your unity supporting blasphemous Fucking Death Metal .You’ve been listening and enjoying our breed of metal for over 20 years,as long as you continue to blaspheme Christ , Worship the Goat and listen to our Death Fucking Metal ,we will keep writing and playing !!! 666


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