RANGER – Knights of Darkness

RANGER – Knights of Darkness

I miss the art of the mini-LP. Especially when you wish to make a first impression- isn’t it easier to just come bursting out of the gate with your best 4-6 songs, rather than hoping you can come up with 10 killer tracks? Ranger are a four piece speed metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland, and been circulating their style since 2009. After 3 different demos they finally mustered up the time to record this 5 song debut EP "Knights of Darkness"- and boy what a whirlwind of old school energy, fire, and passion we have here.

What can you expect with songs like "Ranger", "Steel Dawn", and "Supreme Evil"? Loads of twin guitar harmonies, hyperactive shrieking vocals and rhythms that will make Agent Steel, Slayer, and Razor fans roar fervently. The 80’s live again, the lead breaks possess an equal amount of emotional intensity and dual dexterity (check out "Touch of Death" for both elements, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden would be proud) and as a vocalist bassist Dimi commands the audience with his fierce clean spitfire work and insane high pitch wails that bring to mind the great John C. of Agent Steel intertwined with classic Tom Araya.

I’ve heard some great material coming from Sweden and Finland in this genre, and I feel like Ranger has a chance to climb the ranks and contend with the likes of Enforcer if they play their cards right. The debut album should be a masterpiece.