DESOLATE SHRINE – The Sanctum of Human Darkness

DESOLATE SHRINE – The Sanctum of Human Darkness

Dark Descent records is a brilliant label at finding and releasing metal from obscure bands all over the world and even though Desolate Shrine is not exactly an newcommer to the genre, their death metal sophomore album "The Sanctum of Human Darkness" from late 2012 is a perfect example of the quality Dark Descent delivers again and again.

Desolate Shrine hails from Finland and with the current re-interest in finnish old school death metal they hit the nail on just the right time with their debut "Tenebrous Towers" back in 2011. Their blend of dark, murky and evil sounding death metal fits just the trend and with the current follow up they take it one step further.

The production is massive but dark in the veins of Incantation and similars bands, yet the music is loud and clear with especially the vocal on top of all the instruments.

The songs reek of pure old school and this is true death metal the way it scared 20 years ago. Not Cannibal Corpse gory but evil and necro to the max.

The trio performs well with both intricate riffing and complex arrangements that makes the album grow on each listen.

Get this if you´re into true death metal, nuff said.