CLAYMORDS – Videoinnspilling

CLAYMORDS – Videoinnspilling

May 4th will be a special day in the life of the Claymords as the very unsane Norwegians will pack their funky outfits, pole dances, flame throwing devices and hopefully musical instruments and play a release concert in the land of far far away presented on the map with the name of Svalbard. And through some fortunate series of events I will end up chasing them with a camera and hopefully document how the mad adventure will evolve. The release will be for their upcoming album, Scum of the Earth.


But before finding ourselves surrounded by nothingness and snow, there was the first weekend of April that the band has spent in Oslo filming a video for Method of Lies and I assisted this with my photo camera. The director and the camera girl came all the way from Argentina to do this and it’s not easy to express how impressive this actually was. She had a scenario written without knowing the places too well, and that led to some interesting adventures over highways and in the forest by Ekeberg as we had to film the Claymobile from above.


The city adventures took a whole day that probably will end up describing, in the final video, a mysterious character interpreted by the band’s singer, Nils Ivar Martila. The second day though was spent in an apartment that is being renovated so it had nothing but brick walls and holes where doors used to be. Each instrument was thoroughly filmed from all angles after fighting with the light positions and the shaky arms of those holding the props that would make the light shades even more interesting. The bonus of the day was a neighborhood kid who showed up with his own tiny guitar and while we were recording the serious’ stuff in one of the rooms, he would go Hendrix on his knees in the other room or would simply start writing new songs for the band and making plans about selling coffee in order to buy new guitars for the band members. Another highlight was visiting some old neighbor in order to film them watching TV in a … special manner that the final clip will reveal.


It’s been two days full of hard work, fun and dust and it was totally worth the tiredness at the end. I haven’t found out when the final
result will see the light of youtube, but I suggest you keep an eye on the updates from Claymord’s side and enjoy the video once it is out.