The Swedish death metal machine VOMITORY have decided to disband later this year and here is one of the last interviews with founding member Urban Gustafsson.

Why is 2013 the end and why not earlier or later?

We had come to a crossroad with the band. As things go today, the next step with the band should be to record a new album and then go out on touring for promoting us and the album. This things take so much time and energy for us and also other persons who are involved in our life. The life has changed for some of us in the band the last five years. The priority of your life changes a lot when you get kids for example. Also, other things take more time in your life too. So we could no longer only put the music on the first place on "the list" for things we like to do. So we made the choice to play this year with the band and then quit. When "The flag" is on the top! But who knows, if we miss it too much, we can always start again .


Will there be a ‘personal museum’ room with memories from the whole career? What would be the objects most dear to you?

Ha ha, no I dont think so. Most of that all stuff will be in boxes as they are now. My house is not big enough for a museum room. The objects that mean the most for me are of course all the albums, cd+vinyls and demos we had recorded, Vomitory’s heart!

What will you focus on now?

My 2 daughters, my guitars and metalmusic and my work as truckdriver!

What’s the fist Vomitory song ever composed? What was it inspired by?

I think it was the song "Putrefaction" or "Freeze to death". They were inspired from the death metal scene in the late 80’s.

Who played the biggest role in the band history, besides band members? Why?

Urban: It must be our girlfriends and wives who had the patience to hold the positions at home, when we had been out on tours or in the studio or rehearsing.

Ever discovered any impressive covers of Vomitory songs (on youtube or any other media site)? Got any example to give me?

I know a band from Singapore who recorded a Vomitory song (Art of war) on their debut cd. Also seen a clip on youtube from a live show from a Dutch band who playing "Chaos fury" in 500 km/h. Ha ha ha ha ha.

What’s your top favorite Vomitory song? And what would you consider as the anthem of the whole career?

I dont have any number one Vomitory song because there are so many on the first place  . I always had 2-3 songs from every album who are on the top of the list. The Vomitory anthem for the whole career must be "Forty seconds bloodbath". That song has everything in my opinion.


Which song do you think it’s most underrated song in the discography?

Rebirth of the grotesque, Ripe cadavers and Partly dead

Can you mention the oddest concert experiences that will never be easy to erase from memory?

Maybe when we played Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Rep. when a guy dressed in a bear suit right under some blastpart in  the set come up on the stage and started dancing . It was not easy not to laugh then.

Which activities will you miss the most from not being on tour with the band?

Standing on the stage and play together with my band mates, of course. And also the party in the bus after the shows. The journey between the gigs when we are all sitting in the bus launge and talking shit. And nevertheless, all the cool people we meet when we are on tour!!

Any unfinished chapter in band’s life? Or any regrets?

The only thing I would have loved to do before we stop playing together would be a U.S tour and a South America tour . But I don’t feel ashamed for anything we’ve done with the band.

Considering the musical scene today, do you think that if Vomitory had started now, instead of 89, the impact would be any different?

I can only speak for myself. If I had started the band today, I’m more than sure that we would have played in the same vein as we do now

What kind of words do you hope the music history archives will use to describe the band’s activity? Next to which other bands you’d like to be listed next?

Strong and pure death metal music band who always devastates the trends in the metal music and is always following its own path. As band as Bolt Thrower, Unleashed, Merciless, Cannibal Corpse and Dark Funeral!